9 signs you need to join a fashion designing college immediately


Should you become a fashion designer? Do you want a career where you need to come up with creative ideas every now and then? Are you willing to lead a profession which is not limited from 9 to 5 in a cubicle? If you are nodding in approval but aren’t sure yet, we are here to help you out. We have created a list of top nine signs that show you should pursue a career in design. Keep reading to find out what those are.

1. The details matter to you

Some might not understand why florals are a must for your designs inspired by the spring season. But, you do. You know how a colour can look different depending on the garment type and why you need to select the right one.

2. You find design in everything

By everything, we do mean everything, figuratively. From the billboards to the typeface on the latest fashion magazine, you are interested in looking at everything instinctively.

3. You are looking at things with a different perspective constantly

‘Well, the latest collection launched by Zara looks stunning. Would it look better with a new pattern, colour or even with the way it is presented?’ If you are having such thoughts every now and then, 코인카지노주소 you should consider applying to a design school.

4. You become agitated with too much colour or too less

Imagine, a dress with all neon colours. Did you cringe already? If you are someone who has an underlying sense of colour or the lack of it, a formal degree in this field might interest you.

5. Sketching is your favourite hobby

This is a little obvious. But, we had to mention. There are hardly any fashion designers out there who do not doodle or 코인카지노총판 sketch whenever they get the time to do it.

6. You are inclined to buy products with beautiful packaging

Do your buying decisions often rely on the way a product is presented and packed? If they do, it is a clear sign. Enrol for a design programme before it is too late.

7. You always have some feedback about a restaurant’s interiors

Do you judge a restaurant based on its choice of table cloth, type of chairs, wall decor or even the way they deliver the cheque? If you do, there goes your seventh sign to join a design college right away.

8. You can recognise brands just by their colour

You know when it is red, it is for Coca-Cola and 바카라사이트 white & green for Starbucks. You no longer need to see the logo to identify the brand. Just the colour palette is enough.

9. You get excited when it is time for the bridal season

Whether it is the pearly white gown designed by Ralph Lauren or the vibrant red, heavy lehenga by Sabyasachi, arent you always excited to see what every designer has in store for brides all over the globe?

These are the nine signs that show you are meant to study at one of the best fashion designing colleges in our country. If you can relate to any of these, you know what you need to do. All the best!

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