Do you have a puppy dog? –


I do have a puppy dog.

Is a dog different to a puppy?
Dog is an adult and 중형 강아지종류 puppy is a child

Can you enter a dog in the puppy bowl?

What is difference of adult dog and puppy?
A puppy is a young dog, usually a dog is considered a puppy until around 1 year. A adult dog is a fully grown dog.

What is the difference between a puppy and a dog?
A puppy is a dog below the age of one year.a puppy is smaller.

What dog food should you feed a puppy?
the type of dog food that you should feed a puppy is puppy chow.

Can you be allergic to a puppy but not an adult dog?
you could be allergic to puppy or an adult dog

What age does a dog turn into a puppy?
As soon as a dog is born, it turns into a puppy.

When you leave your dog with your puppy he tries to bite the puppy what can you do?
The simple answer is you keep them separated when you are not there. Introduce them when you are and teach the dog to accept the puppy.

What is best for a dog to eat if they are a puppy?
Puppy formula or puppy food

How old does a puppy have to be to become a dog?
i think a puppy has to be a year old to become a dog.

Housebreaking a dog?
do u have a dog or a puppy well anyway you can buy puppy grass that the dog/puppy will pee on like grass outside….. older dog I’m not so sure about did the best i could.

What is a immature dog?
an immature dog is call a puppy,puppy start from the time of birth to maturity.

When was the dog sad?
as a puppy thats why when people are sad they use the phrase puppy dog eyes

Puppy in french?
Puppy is “chiot”. Dog is “chien”.

What does puppy mean?
A puppy is a young, immature dog.

What is trhe difference between a puppy and a dog?
a puppy is a baby dog just like a baby cat is a kitten and a dog is a full grown dog a puppy is usually under 1 yr. sometimes not most of the time.

Can a dog just have one puppy?
Yes it is possible for a dog to only have one puppy. Generally the smaller the dog the smaller the litter.

My dog is in labor and had one puppy how long does it take for another puppy to come out?
my dog had a puppy and hasn’t had a second one yet so how long does it take for A SECOND PUPPY TO BE BORN

How many days does it take for your dog to have a puppy in Nintendogs?
In nintendogs your dog can not have a puppy. You can only but new dogs.

Do I need to stop my dog from playing with puppy?
No as long as the adult dog is not hurting the puppy let them play

What dog food is good for puppies?
You should never feed a puppy dog food. They need puppy food. And any puppy food is good for them, but I personally suggest “Purina Puppy Chow.”

What is a baby dog called?
Male is a dog. Female is a bitch. Young is a pup or puppy.

Is a puppy a animal?
yes because if a dog is a animal then a puppy to

What is a good dog treat for a puppy?
A good dog treat for a puppy is either a small dog cookie or a soft toy. These are great treats because it has minimal chance of harming the puppy, while it can be enjoyable.

Is a puppy a dog up to 9 months of age?
yes, a puppy IS a dog up to 9 months of age.

What is the french word for dog or puppy?
a dog – un chien a bitch – une chienne a puppy – un chiot

How much is price of a british wolf dog puppy cost?
british puppy wolf dog is RM 7989

Why would a weenie dog attack a bullmastiff puppy?
why would a weenie dog attack a bull mastiff puppy for

How do you introduce a new dog to an old dog?
Well, there are multiple ways to introduce a young dog to another old dog. One is, when you bring the puppy in the house, go in a room. Close the door. Then hold the puppy next to the old dog, and let them sniff each others faces. If the puppy starts to lick the old dog, that is a good sign. If the old dog starts to lick the puppy, it’s a super good sign…

What to feed a 3 week old puppy?
You can give the puppy milk. Milk can be bought in vets, or pet stores, but also get the puppy dog food also. If the puppy eats softened dog food, still give the puppy milk.

how long does it take for a dog to grow up?
A dog is a puppy as long as you want it to be. You can call your dog a puppy as long as you want because it will always be your puppy. But once it hits 3 or 4 it will be considered as a dog. But that doesn’t mean that it will not be active once it’s maybe 10 it won’t really play that much. My dog is 3 and I still call it…

Can you tell if your dog is from a puppy mill?
You can tell if your dog is from a puppy milll if it has been experencing weird side effects… such as: sicknesses!!! You can tell if your dog is from a puppy milll if it has been experencing weird side effects… such as: sicknesses!!!

How can a puppy be corrected of jealousy with an older dog?
A puppy can get jealous of an older dog but dont worry there can be a way like make the puppy be happy with somthing and distract them by somthing that will make them happy and not the older dog jealous.

If you get a dog from a pet store or puppy mill do they have genetic defects?
A dog/puppy from a pet store or puppy mill may or may not have genetic defects, you would have to check with your vet, but if you have not already bought your puppy, I suggest you adopt from an animal shelter. The animals are much healthier and you get the background of the dog or puppy before you adopt.

What is the name of the baby of the dog?
A dog baby is a puppy.

Why does your dog cover her puppy after birth?
So the puppy can talk to her with its mind.

How do you say ‘puppy’ in Spanish?
Perrito, or “little dog”.

Is there a dog school?
yes there is it is call puppy academy for puppy training

How should you introduce your new puppy to your older dog?
Just put the puppy with the dog give them time to greet one another if they don’t get along take the puppy away from the dog they’ll get used to each other.

If you bring a puppy home with tap wrom can give to the dog that was here before the puppy?
The other dog can get tape worms from the affected puppy only if that dog were to eat the puppy’s fecal matter, which is where there would be tape worms.

Can a dog have one puppy?
Yes but usually its a small dog. Once in awhile a medium or large dog will only have one. Yes but when a dog has only one puppy the puppy is usally very small and 반려동물 등록 that’s ok but the reason being is that the dog is not as mature as a dog would be if it had other brothers or sisters the dog will be fine there is nothing wrong with the puppy so make…

How do you quickly train a dog?
well it depends on how young your dog is when we trained my dog we did it when she was a puppy & now she knows what to do… so if you want to train a dog do it when she is a puppy… but if it is a grown dog then it might take some time

How do you get another puppy on puppy love for wii?
you go to the pound and buy a girl or boy dog to mate with your first dog

Should you buy a puppy when you have an old dog?
yes,it will give your older dog a friend and your puppy some playful company.

Is coco for a dog or a girl puppy?
definitely a female dog. doesn’t matter if it’s a puppy or not, just as long as its a girl

Can you shower a puppy with body wash?
You can but it would not be good for the puppy dog. Have fun with your new puppy animal!

Do you have to have two dogs to get puppy?
you can and can not i mean because you need both a male and female dog to breed a puppy or the female dog already had a lover but left her and you can always adopt a puppy

What does it mean when a dog has blood in its poop is shaking and has no energy or excitement?
I’m 99.9% sure that the dog has Parvo it can be treated but if it’s in a puppy then the chance of it living will be 1 in a 1,000,000 because my puppy had Parvo and we couldn’t do anything about it because the medicine is too strong for a little puppy to handle and it’ll die if it takes the meds so if your dog or puppy has Parvo then for the dog then…

Can you grab a dog by its throat?
Grabbing a dog or puppy by the throat can cause some serious health problems. Your dog or puppy can get a broken or injured jaw, or can have a hard time breathing or swallowing. It is never safe to grab a dog or puppy by the throat, this is know as dog abuse and could be reported. If you are using this as a punishment, it’s better if you stop. Start using a punishment as…

How do i get my 11 year old dog to bond with my new pupppy?
Make the puppy seem like fun to be around. To the dog, he will associate being around the puppy with fun and happiness. Give him(11yo dog) treats and praise when the puppy is with you

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