What coloured light makes white light when mixed with green light – Answers


Magenta coloured light makes white light when mixed with green light

What do you get when you mix red and blue light?
Magenta Coloured light. If green and red are mixed then you get yellow light and if blue and green light are mixedd you get cyan couloured light. If green red and yellow are mixed you get white light. White light is mixed up of every single colour.

Will all colors mixed together make which color?
Depends on if you are talking about paints, substances, or coloured light. Paints mixed together generally end up mostly brown, while coloured light mixed together makes white.

What is your race if you have green eyes and brown hair?
Caucasians (whites) can have light coloured eyes. However some people of mixed races have green eyes.

Green mixed with brown makes what color?
green mixed with brown makes dark brown

Is acid rain really green?
no. its normal coloured unless it is mixed with an indicator

Why does a red light make a bunch of green grapes go purple?
it goes purple as the green grapes is mixed with the red light and it makes the colour purple. heheh

Green mixed with blue?
A :It makes into swamp green

What colour mixed with blue makes green?
Yellow, a primary color, 카지노사이트쿠폰 mixed with blue, another primary color, makes green.

What color makes Blue and yellow make mixed?
Blue and Yellow mixed makes Green.

Light produced by mixing all colors of the spectrum?
When all colors of light are mixed, we get white light. When Red and Green are mixed, we get yellow light. ( Like a stoplight: Red then Yellow then Green) When Green and Blue are mixed, we get cyan light. (Remember that Great Britain is a Country) When Red and Blue are mixed, we get magenta light. (Remember that Rhythm and Blues is Music)

Is yellow light made is green light and blue light are mixed?
no, yellow and blue make green

What colors mixed makes dark army green?
green, and some black.

What colors mixed together give you a lime green?
A light green and a normal green I think

What color does blue and green mixed together make?
Blue and green makes teal.

What does green and yellow make mixed together?
Mixing green and yellow makes red

What will be the eyecolour of child when father has blue eye and mother has black eye colour?
Green because the dark mixed with the light makes a medium color and the most medium out of all of them is green.

What color mixed with green makes blue?
No color will mix with green to get blue. Blue is a primary color when mixed with another primary color, yellow, produces green.

Why there is no color of red green yellow violet blue orange?
if red, green, yellow, violet, and blue were all mixed together (like paint) it would make black because black is all colors. However if red, green, yellow, violet, 카지노사이트쿠폰 and blue lights were mixed it would make white light because that is the spectrum of light that makes up white light.

Light blue-lime green mixed?
Light blue mixed with lime green will produce a color similar to teal. Teal is a color associated with turquoise, a rock gem.

What color makes brown green?
Brown and green mixed together tends to make a brown green colour.

What colors makes blue paint?
Yellow and Green mixed together.

What does green and gold mixed together make?
it makes the color olive

What color does green and pink make when mixed together?
It makes a light brown. This is so because white and red make pink, 우리카지노계열 so “remove” the white from the equation for a second to have green and red which makes brown, add the white, and you get a lighter brown!

What 2 colors mixed makes Blue Green?
Your question answers itself. Blue and Green make Blue-Green.

What color does green and grey mixed together make?
Green and grey mixed together makes a very muddy green. Most artists would not choose to mix these colors together.

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