Prevent dry skin when using air conditioner


The use of air conditioning has become more common in homes, offices … But many people often complain about being dry skin when sitting in the air conditioning environment.
• Why dry skin, dry mouth when using air conditioning?
Air conditioning works on the principle of regulating the hot air humidity in the room through the indoor unit, then the cold water condensed into water and brought out. The refrigerant (gas) is blown to cool the air inside the room.
At the same time, the air, 50-60% of humidity and moisture absorption in the body in the room, so you will feel dry skin, dry mouth uncomfortable, in the long run can lead to many risks. Other influences on our health.
Another reason you should keep in mind that if you use air conditioning with a higher capacity than you need, the higher the rate of dehydration, the more irritating you are.
• Good tips for dry skin when using conditioner
To minimize the risk of dry skin, dry your mouth when using conditioner, you should apply the following:
– Increasing the water supply to the body: Water is the source of life, the effect of water on health has been talked a lot. Every day the body needs 1.5-2lit water, when operating long under the sun, when using more air conditioning … you need to add to compensate for the lack of water.
– Limit the use of air conditioning when not necessary: ??When the weather is more pleasant, you can use the fan both save electricity, air circulation better, to regulate time to rest and bring a cold. More comfortable for the body.
– Used in conjunction with humidifying products: In air-conditioned rooms, mua diều hòa cũ an phúc you can install spray products or place a water tank to add moisture to suit.
– Use lotion, moisturizer, moisturizing mask to moisturize the skin. This layer also serves as a barrier to limit moisture loss from the body.
– Use conditioner with skin care function: Many modern regulators now have integrated nanofiltration, skin care … to purify the air, reduce odors and reduce the feeling of dry skin. when using. You can refer to the product Air Conditional LG 1-dimensional V13APDN when choosing the skin care function, air conditioning will automatically activate the moisturizing function to help the water droplets penetrate deep into the pores and increase moisture to the skin. Continuous operation for 2 hours, this mode will automatically stop 15 minutes to regulate the dehumidification, then it continues the new cycle.
In addition, you should also consider the issue of cleaning, maintenance of air conditioning periodically to ensure stable operation, bring fresh air, avoid encountering other problems only because of the use of air conditioning.
Wish you have a pleasant summer. Dear!

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